Blockit One for One  

Intensive hands-on regional anaesthesia course. Learn the fundamentals of Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia from experts. Master scanning techniques with hands-on practice on volunteers and phantoms. Lectures by panel of experts will present basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of upper limb, lower limb and trunk peripheral nerve blocks including continuous perineural infusions. With a low participant to instructor ratio, individual attention to all participants are guaranteed. Join us on 27th Feb 2016 at the Hallmark Hotel, Hull.  Recognised toward EDRA. Earn 5 CPD points. Course fees £150.

Places are limited to maximise hands on experience.
Date                 Saturday 27nd February 2016
Venue             Country Park Inn
Programme   9:00 am        Registration | Coffee
                          9:30 am        Welcome
                          9:40 am        Upper Limb Blocks
                          10:00 am     Hands On Training
                          10:40 am      Morning Tea
                          11:00 am      Lower Limb Blocks
                          11:20 am      Hands On Training
                          12:00 pm     Lunch
                          1:00 pm        Abdominal Blocks
                          1:20 pm        Hands On Training
                          2:00 pm       Neuraxial Blocks
                          2:20 pm        Hands On Training
                          3:00 pm       Afternoon Tea
                          3:20 pm        Hands on Training  (Practice and Assessments)
                          4:00 pm       TBA
                          4:45 pm        Feedback
                          5:00 pm        Close
Recognised towards EDRA . Earn 5 CPD points.

Blockit One 2 One – Training people on people

 If you are familiar with the fundamentals of ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, Blockit one2one is the the course for you. This is a unique programme offering you  to learn and do ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia techniques with a true hands on experience for two days. Hands on, meaning you do all the blocks for two days under our supervision on real patients. We offer you a Honorary contract for the duration of the course.  There are a lot of reasons we created this programme. The traditional “see one, do one, teach one” method of teaching or practising on models and dummies may not be just enough to practice advanced regional anaesthetic techniques. We truly believe that the experience is unique and you get far more than you could get from attending a one day or two day seminar. When you arrive in Hull for Blockit one2one you can forget lectures and watching blocks being done, instead you will be doing the full spectrum of blocks on real patients, in clinical settings, under our guidance. We have been doing ultrasound guided blocks, continuous perineural catheter techniques and ambulatory catheters for over five years. So expect to do a variety of blocks from basic, intermediate to advanced blocks including continuous  catheter techniques. So if you wish to improve your techniques in a short duration of time and make an impact on your regional anaesthetic techniques this is the place to be. We believe the that the educational use of phantoms or computer simulations to teach invasive procedures may be helpful but falls short of the physical reality of an actual human patient. I encourage you to get in touch and learn more about this unique programme. I am confident you will want to join us in Hull for a couple of days. A revolutionary course, for the first time in the UK.


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